Hello everyone! It’s Lindsay, one of the admins. We just had our website touched up and we added a new blog section. This blog page can be used so we can tell you guys what’s going on with the new pages, and keep you updated. We’re also going to use it to share interesting articles (probably pertaining to art or history) and answer your guys’s questions regarding the story or ourselves.

We also added a Patreon button on our page, and updated our Patreon, so I guess this means we’re starting our promo campaign.

Also, we’d like to address a few things regarding our characters. Because we’re so early in the story, people have been asking if we’re just going to be focusing on these four characters (the ones you see in the cast page). The answer is no. We’ve added an indefinite number of pages for the tons of other supporting lead characters who will be in our comic in the next few months. While the story is centered around Ben, Charlie, Mintcy and Jethro, other key characters make an appearance later on in, and will get a cast page then. We’ll also be updated our cast page photos for the main four.
All three of us will be posting on here, and you can ask any three of us questions. We hope you enjoy Lost Cause, and if you like the site update, let us know! Thank you for your support.


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