Hey everyone…. Long time no see

so, if you probably haven’t guessed, this strip is on a hiatus. our lives have been chaotic and since all three of us are studying at three different colleges it’s been pretty difficult even to talk consistently and keep up with our own homework.

along with that, it’s pretty clear that the three of us are not satisfied with our story line at this time. based on our recent self-developments in writing, history, etc. and our own understandings of the world, it’s just difficult to continue to produce a comic that was written by a much younger version of ourselves. we feel it doesn’t quite reflects who we are anymore, and we feel this story is not as important as the one we truly want to tell..

while we’ve spent so much time on all these characters and love them all so much, we are going to leave the strip on hiatus for now until we figure out what we want to do with it, or if we wanna start it up again under a different story line. Until then, we appreciate all of you and love y’all that read our comic and consistently made our day with your comments. we hope to keep you updated, for the time being, sorry for sudden quit. life gets hectic.




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