ben cast 2

Benjamin Sorderer (also goes by Ben, Benny, or Little Cuz) is 16 years old in the year 1861. The second oldest out of his siblings, Ben is a simple and kindhearted soul who enjoys a good apple. He is extremely eager to please, as he will cater to most people's needs to get attention. Ben is fun loving and enjoys writing (even if some claim he isn't the best at it). 

Mintcy (Awanita) Dunsitch (also goes by Mintc) is a bright but indecisive 16 year old in the year 1861. Half Cherokee, she struggles to find her place in a society defined by prejudice. Mintcy is only certain of one thing: she wants to understand why her mother won't reveal anything about her clouded past. Or is that the only thing Mintcy wants? She enjoys cooking, writing and walking with loved ones. 

Jethro character

Jethro Sorderer Pelsman Junior (also goes by Jeth, Jethy Boy, or Cuz) is 21 in 1861, and the only child of his abusive household. Because of this, he battles a constant war with his past, desperately seeking a way to make peace with it. Jethro is socially impaired, snarky, and outwardly cocky. He enjoys whittling, playing the fiddle (poorly) and spending time at the saloon. 


Charlotte Bishop (also known as Charlie) is the only child of the wealthy Bishop family, and has just-turned 17 years in 1861. Being settled in a border state, the Bishops adhere to Northern standards. She has been raised to be a paragon of the perfect, proper young lady, but secretly resents the strict standards preventing her from making her own decisions. She plays piano and enjoys walks.