About the Comic

Four young southerners see the looming threat of the American Civil War as a chance to change their lives at whatever cost. But as their Victorian ideologies come into question, suddenly war doesn't seem like the opportunity they once thought it to be. They may end up giving more than they bargained to lose, while gaining the things they least expected. Lost Cause is rated PG-13 for violence, war scenes, language, some sexual content and adult situations.

The comic updates every Monday.

About the Creators

There are three writers and illustrators of this webcomic. We are all seniors in high school.

Two years ago, we came up with the idea for a story centered around the Civil War. We'd never taken a particular interest in this period of time, and actually fell into it by accident. But once we were in, we dove headfirst into the 1860s. Lost Cause has been extensively researched through reenactments, hours of reading, discussions, recurring trips to the library, and even through travel. This webcomic is the outcome of so many all-nighters and at least fivesketchbooks (each) full of concept art. We hope you enjoy.

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